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Queen B
Feb 13 2013, 12:48 PM
Dang, Chelsea and Avery are the new Sharon and Phyllis.. who would of thought?

I am actually enjoying the show right now but I still don't like what their doing with Sharon, their just using her for filler and everything is revolving around Chelsea.

I am fine with them sticking Chelsea in a triangle with Cane/Lily but now their making her pregnant with Adams baby so I know it's gonna end up being a huge cluster fuck. I wanna see Sharon in the mix with Dylan/Avery/Nick, and then ill have almost nothing to complain about
That will probably happen down the line, they are keeping adam in chelsea's orbit because f her pregnant. Maybe they will still be part of that I dont know, I still think dylan will start going around sharon, I dont think he knows nick was married to sharon at one point. Dylan may try to stick it to nick if avery picks him by hanging around sharon if dylan does have a creepy past. Anything to keep her away from adam I don'tk now why people even like adam and sharon. They may have cheimstry but he too kthe kid for crying out loud..
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