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Category absurdities aside, I would say that the Days actors with the best chances at being nominated, based on material, would be Ariane Zucker, Lauren Koslow, and James Reynolds. Zucker was great during the miscarriage. Koslow had some amazing throwdown scenes with Ian Buchanan. And Reynolds, while not on much the last few months, had a handful of fantastic episodes when Lexie died. It doesn't take much to put together an Emmy reel, and his work the episode after Lexie passed was heartwrenching.

Blake Berris is great, but he didn't have any 'big scenes'. His work has been more quiet and subtle, and while that's impressive, it's usually the big emotional scenes that attract Emmy attention.

Bryan Datillo might have some good material with Will's coming out, but I doubt he can crack the nomination code.

I don't see Shawn Christian getting through. And Greg Vaughn hasn't been on long enough, IMO.

As for the other Supporting Actress contenders, I don't see Judi Evans or Suzanne Rogers having the material this past year. Suzanne should have been nominated, and won, two years ago.

And I see little hope for Peggy McCay, Joseph Mascolo, or Galen Gering. Peggy and Joe are in the wrong categories (so was Deidre for that matter). Not that their work wasn't good, but I just don't see it happening.
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