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NE Spoilers week of Feb. 25th

Steve confesses his worry that Olivia's vision about his stabbing will come true

Kate lashes out at Sonny after making a horrifying discovery

AJ gets a clue about the source of his panic attacks

Kate mourns for her son

Olivia's horrified to find a threatening Heather waiting for her in her home

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GHH2 Teasers Week of February 25th

Caleb has special plans for this Port Charles resident.

Elizabeth spends more time with AJ.

Kate lashes out at Sonny after learning of Trey's death;
Kate mourns her son.

2/25 Steve is disturbed by Olivia's latest vision of him being stabbed.
Caleb is determined to make Sam remember the details of their former life together.

2/26 Olivia is horrified by her unwelcome visitor, Heather.
AJ gets answers about his panic attacks; Liz will help him.

2/27 While at Wyndamere, Heather discovers something that she believes will be the key to her future and a fresh start.
Will Tracy catch Duke sneaking into the Quartermaine abode?

2/28 Monica pushes Tracy's buttons.

2/29 Frisco reaches out to Flea again and making it very clear he wants her back.
Tracy hatches another scheme and drags an unexpected someone into the fray.


Episode Titles and Previews

(Preparing for Battle)
2/25, McBain, Lucy and Rafe prepare to battle Caleb on Spoon Island

(Searching for Sam)
2/26, John prepares to search for Sam, with Lucy by his side; Steve asks Liz to stand up for him at his wedding; AJ discovers the cause of his panic

2/27, Anna lets Alexis in on details about the real Caleb; Duke sneaks into the Quartermaine den and steals to the key to the relish refrigerator.

(Biological Father)
2/28, Rafe is visited by a ghostly vision of his mother, who confirms that Caleb is his biological father.

(Hiring Spinelli)
3/1, Tracy seeks to hire Spinelli; AJ asks Liz out on a date; Britt reminds Frisco of her authority.

Daily Spoilers wk Feb. 25th

2/25, Steve worries that Olivia's vision will come true; Caleb works to make Sam remember their former life; a horrifying discovery makes Kate lash out at Sonny.

2/26, A.J. starts to understand his panic attacks better; Kate grieves for her son; Olivia finds Heather waiting in her home; McBain works to rescue Sam.

2/27, Heather finds Rafe holding the key to a fresh start; Duke sneaks into the Quartermaine Den; a life hangs in the balance.

2/28, Tracy tells Monica that she's going to take over ELQ; Lucy tries to escape Caleb.

3/1, Frisco leaves a message about his feelings for Felicia; an arrest warrant breaks up a couple's happiness; Tracy schemes with Spinelli.

ABC HotSheet

This week on General Hospital, the truth finally comes out about Caleb. We know the word "vampire" has been a contentious one but get ready for answers that you can really sink your teeth into! (Seriously, it's not what you think it is.)

For starters, the race is on to find Sam and Daniel. Who will come to their rescue before the bloodletting happens?

Can you guys believe that Kate returned?! Sonny just can't catch a break! Kate tries to comprehend Trey's death but she still doesn't know the whole story. When she finally uncovers the truth, someone else pays the price.

Meanwhile, young love is proving to be just as complicated. Molly's relationship with TJ hangs in the balance because he's still upset that she helped Rafe escape from jail.

Can TJ find it in his heart to forgive her? More importantly, does Molly still want to be with him?

Sabrina, still reeling from 'accidentally killing the cop,' opens up to Patrick about her life. What was her childhood like? Why did she come to Port Charles? And on another note, will Maxie's guilt get the better of her?

All this, plus Duke has a few tricks up his sleeve to get his hands on the coveted relish recipe. Whose hands do you want the recipe to fall into?

Source: ABC HotSheet
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