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These spoilers sound interesting. Even with the slow movement I am confident that Sonny and Will are on the right path. It will take some time for it to be realistic. After all, Will did tell a big lie. It's not like he forgot their anniversary and Sonny is a little miffed.

Abigail,? please, STFU!

Nick, let Sami have it. This idiot almost caused Gabi to miscarry. STAY THE HELL AWAY DUMMY! After the baby is safe and born she can assert her rights all she wants. Until then, how about the kid actually makes it into the world?

Eric and Nicole need to move slowly in order to preserve the integrity of the characters. Eric is a priest and Nicole is trying to change her life. These two couldn't jump each other and still be rootable, IMO. Lucas would be an interesting sideline. Sami would lose it. She'd be screeching at Nicole nonstop. Well, at least Gabi will get a break.
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