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I agree with the poster who called LK a miracle worker. Rate's post sex awkwardness was everything. I need them to never have have sex again (because, seriously - Kate needs some standards besides "alive" and "has a penis," also, still holding out for Krady) but if they want to meet up and lay in bed and have an uncomfortable chat every so often, that'd be cool.

Hope, as the aunt/cousin of Will, could at least try to be neutral. Since she's so concerned, why doesn't she talk to Will and find out his intentions before picking sides?

I loved the Dannifer scene. I usually don't have any strong feelings about them, but I was rooting for Jen to break the uncomfortable silence and ask about the note. Maybe in just desperate for the soapy angst of two people in love being kept apart because of a misunderstanding. If they keep getting scenes full of unspoken emotion like that, I might actually support them.

Watching Nick work Gabi is fascinating. I almost feel bad for her.

I...still don't see where Kristen's revenge story is going. The only way it makes sense is if there's a part of her who wants to go through with the wedding, but that doesn't seem to be the case. She needs a psychotic friend to talk things out with, because I don't see the logic in it.

I guess poor Brady feels like he's cursed when it comes to fiancees surviving and making it to the altar. Wish I could feel for him, but the death of bradison/brianna were some of the best Days related things that happened.
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