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Feb 13 2013, 08:39 PM
Alrighty Laura's comment to whom ever she was talking to on the cell phone was... odd. I bet she is dating someone!!!
I'm guessing Laura is engaged to Scotty. Luke will find out and want Laura back. Ergo Luke and Laura reunion for GH 50th anniversary. As well as reunion of Kevin/Lucy, Frisco/Felicia, Anna/Duke, Robert/Holly, and Robin/Patrick.

I'm pissed that Frisco/Felicia screw over Mac again. He's a hottie with a heart of gold. Why can't he find true love?

Luke is a dog and I don't think he deserves a happily ever after. I don't buy that his jaded, selfish heart can have a real "soul mate." And if he did - it would be Tracy.

I wish the Anna/Duke reunion was getting more airtime.

And I'm bummed that TPTB didn't know how to use Patrick without Robin. He's a fabulous actor and is woefully underused in this show. Widowers do move on and find love again. And that story can be very beautiful.

I like soap super couples. But sometimes life takes people in different directions.
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