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Abby's virginity storyline is really getting old. I mean, if it were 1993-1994 Carrie thinking about giving up her virginity to Austin, I can still understand, but this is 2013, geez. I mean, in the most practical sense, give each guy (Chad and Cameron) a condom and have a go at it OR choose one of them. Simple.

Brady and Kristen in Di Mera mansion with Stefano; John and Marlena coming to visit= GOLD. I can't wait to see how this plays out. I kinda wish Rolf and his atrocious accent were still around.

Personally, I can't be happy for Will having Sami on his side. Sami harassing Gabi about the baby issue. Hypocritical much? Wasn't this the same Sami who: 1) Despite knowing Lucas was Will's father and not Austin, but still continued to lie to everybody, concocting a lie that Lucas hit Will, and 2) Pregnant with EJ's baby but hiding the truth from him. Hey, pot, meet the kettle.

Will is naive, but I personally don't think he is stupid. Let's set aside the fact that Sami is indeed concerned for Will; technically, she should back off and let Will deal with this on his own. OR it would have been better to have Lucas help his son for once (who I think would have been more of a rational choice + Lucas has brains/ good head on his shoulders). It's hard to root for Sami when she has a habit/ knack to stick up her hands and ass to everyone's business. Will is her son, yes, BUT does this redeem her as a good mother? No. Wishful thinking, but the farther Sami (and EJ) stays away from this baby storyline, the better. And, EJ defending the fair and damsel-in-distress Sami?!? Really, where has this guy's balls gone? What a freaking wuss.

Eric and Nicole: Can Nicole please redeem herself first before jumping into this relationship again? In this story, please, please let Nicole be the person to choose to do the right thing. That would be a refreshing take to this relationship angst down the road.
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