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Feb 13 2013, 11:58 PM
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Anyone notice the label on Will's package? (and no I don't mean that type of package,so get your head out of the gutter or maybe it was just my dirty mind that went there when I read want I wrote.LOL)

Salem University
Attn Will Horton
715 N. Westridge Ave
Martin Building,Room 174

Does this mean that Will lives in a collage dormroom?
The morning of the wedding that was n' t, when Sonny gave him the apartment key, Will was packing his clothes at Sami' s. aLso that night after he and Sonny broke up and Will moved his stuff out of Sonny' s place, he must have gotten a dorm room soon after. It is amazing he could get one that fast. But Sonny ordered the Valentine gift a few days before the wedding so how did he know the address? Hmmm interesting...
But he could still techincally live at the dorm and just have a room at Samantha's apartment so he could live in both places. What confuses me is how many bedrooms days her place have. If Johnny and Sydney share a room. Where does Allie sleep and then Will has a room too. Or do all the children sleep in one room, Will has a room, and then there is Samantha's room.
I think there are two doors you can "see" in the camera angle on a regular basis, and then there is a blue colored hallway that presumably leads to more bedrooms offscreen.
That could be it that what always confuses me because it seems like a two bed room apartment but it could be a hallway.
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