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Feb 13 2013, 03:39 PM
Sonny reads Will's undelivered Valentine's Day card
This spoiler is the same as Fri.Feb.22nd,it must mean that Friday's show continue through Monday.
I had thought Sonny would read the card before going to the hospital. But it sounds like he may actually read it at the hospital. Maybe like Will grabbed the resolution to read, Sonny does the same with the card as it falls out of Will's backpack or something? I'd like that better. I would show Sonny wanted to rush to Will's side without having to read Will pour his heart out again. Though, I get the feeling no matter what Sonny would have rushed there.

I do wonder what is in this letter. Will has already poured his heat out but Sonny wasn't receptive. So, I'd hope something different is in here. Maybe Will accepts that proposal (fake or not) that Sonny offered him a few months ago and says how much he wants to have a family with him. Will had said he could never see himself getting married.

I still wonder where the 5 rings come in? Sami got one, there is Brady and Kristen. Where are the other 3? Maybe that article was off and the rings are not all on one episode? I'm still holding out hope there is a promise ring at least of some sorts for Wilson.

Can't wait for the Abby and Chloe fight. I was excited for Chloe to be back but not wasted like this. She should be in a triangle with Brady and Kristen instead.
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