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Feb 14 2013, 07:10 AM
Feb 13 2013, 01:06 PM
Love the list. I'm glad my campaigning paid off. ;) While S&K will always be #1 in my heart, even I won't dispute that Bo rescuing Hope from her wedding should be #1 on this list. It truly is an iconic moment -- not just for Bope, or for Days, but for soap operas in general.

And I think it says something that so many of these moments came from 20-30 years ago. Only two couples (Lumi and Ejami) are from anything in the last 10 years and even those two were from several years ago. I hope the show pays attention to this list to see what makes for memorable romantic moments.

But I also hope they realize that the reason these moments were memorable is because of all the things that came before it -- the angst, the longing, the separations, and tragedies. These moments stand out because the stories pulled us in and made us want these moments as much as those characters did. Without the story, these moments are just moments. Because of the story, they are memorable.
Bingo! You hit the nail right on the head! That is what is missing terribly on Days today.
I agree. Couples are too "instant" these days and it makes it less meaningful for viewers, IMO. EJami are the only couple on screen right now (excluding vet couples like Jarlena) that have actually gone through all of that, and their fans are just now receviing the payoff they have been longing for. They MAY be able to pull this type of thing off with Ericole, but they are gonna have to move the story along a bit before people get bored and then tear them apart and make people long for the reunion while they go through some sort of turmoil. I can also see where Will and Sonny could end up having a moment like this if they keep everythingfull of emotion with these two. The writing is crucial in that story. It can't be written too juvenile because people won't relate to it as an adult love story and will write it off as puppy love if they make Sonny too petty or Will too whiny. But if they write it as the emotional, drama packed story it could be, I think fans will be drawn in by these two. I love Bristen, but I can't see it lasting long term. We'll see. Brady is too good to waste without him getting a REAL love story that will last.
Hopefully it will all be interesting to watch...
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