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Feb 14 2013, 08:33 AM
Feb 13 2013, 10:12 PM
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I am just now watching this, but here are my thoughts...
~Rafe and Kate?? I expected to be grossed out. I wasn't. I wasn't turned on either, but I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't want to vomit. That's something. (Lauren looks great! BTW) I do feel it was a tad rude for Rafe to bang her twice and then not even see her out, but instead tell her where the key was. Then again, I never saw him as much of a gentleman...
~I hope Kristen really does fall for Brady, (I'm sure she will just about the time her lies are exposed - so soapy) but I hope they work it out. I like them!
~Jennifer is boring and Daniel is gross and NB is a bad actress, so I am not interested in this story. I must say though that Melissa looked beautiful today!
~While all of these older ladies are getting love scenes, bring a man in for Hope. She's hot! She needs some actionm and Bo ain't comin' back. :/
~I feel bad for Will, and I hate that he is so trusting and is getting shit on by Nick. As a mother, I hate the way he and Lucas talked about Sami too. I know she has a "reputation" for causing trouble, but she's still your mom and she loves you.
All in all a pretty good epi
You had me until the very end! I agree w/all your points except about Sami and Will. She totally deserves everything because she's made her own bed full of lies, manipulations, and out-and-out crimes. And Will, well, I do feel for him but I like Nick too much for me to feel too bad, lol.
Well, 4 out of 5 ain't bad. Lol

I have a soft spot for Sami, and I'm a mom, so I am a tad sympathetic. I'll give you that she wasn't the greatest mother to him, but I know she loves him and I know she is trying to help.
I wlll give Lucas credit for taking half of the blame for the way Will was raised. Good for you, Lucas! It is much more becoming to see you admit your mistakes too, than to blame everything on Sami. Still don't think you should bad mouth her to her son, though. :/
LOL, oh man - couldn't disagree more. I have absolutely no soft spot and the well of my love for Sami is preeetttyyyy much all dried up.

Will is right to be concerned she will mess things up - she has already, in part. This is needed to incite drama, but nonetheless, her meddling has spring-boarded what aims to be a nightmare for Will. And I didn't take it as Lucas badmouthing her necessarily - it was like one line - but more like telling the truth. I don't think it's maligning if it's true. She is a hurricane that destroys things in her path. And it's not like Will is five that he can't make up his own mind or make his own judgement. Father and son were more agreeing over a pretty unequivocal fact. And frankly I don't care if Lucas WAS badmouthing Sami - he had the brain today, so he wasn't wrong if that's what he was doing. And I ADORED it.

Needless to say I loved the Will and Lucas scenes - I eat those up like I don't know where my next meal will come from. NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM. I love seeing father and son sort of "collaborating" like this - as I said, this "we are a team" dynamic has been sorely missing for me in their relationship, now that Will is a young adult, and I am so glad to see it play out now. I want Lucas to be used more though, of course, except for in these little vignettes. But beggar's can't be choosers. Nice to see him with the brains and schemey-minded again. I missed that. And I am also very glad that Lucas is supportive of Will, who is really painfully naive here (I mean, c'mon writers - laying it on thick) but also trying to get his message across.

I really loved Rafe and Kate. I am amazed how, I dunno, GOOD Kate looks! Tuesday and Wednesday there was something especially fresh and young-seeming about her - and I am usually the first to criticize Kate's looks. Booze and Rafe look good on her, I guess. :shrug:
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