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Feb 14 2013, 11:58 AM
I *loved* Pete & Melissa (even though Michael Leon couldn't act his way out of a paper bag). I HATED that they screwed them up by sticking Lars in the middle of them & then turning Pete into a manipulative douche with that fake paralysis crap. I was always a fan of Lisa Trusel, though, and thought she got some really good material after they gave her the crush on Jack and inserted her into the Steve/Kayla/Jack storyline. Unfortunately, the best material she ever got (IMO) was when Melissa dumped Jack at the altar -- which was immediately before she left the show. *sigh* #monkeypaw
I really like Lisa Trusel in the Steve/Kayla/Jack storyline as well. She and Stephen Nichols had some really great scenes just before the Jack is Billy reveal where they played a game of "I know that you know that I know but I'm pretending that I don't know that you know that I know."

Until I watched some DVD's very recently, I also never realized that Jack actually confessed to "forcing Kayla" to have sex with him to Melissa. I had always believed that he denied it and convinced Melissa that Kayla was lying about what happened, as later scenes support this. But he actually did tell her which puts a whole different spin on the Jack/Melissa relationship, as well as the Melissa/Kayla relationship during this time.

Before I understood this, I had a weird respect for Melissa's ability to deny what had happened, yet still be friends with Kayla. Now, I'm not sure what I feel about Melissa during this time frame. But it certainly adds a complexity to the character that wasn't there before.
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