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I'm so angry that Francesca was sent home first - AGAIN! DAMN! She's so funny & I just loved her commentary. Would've loved to see her play the game further.

Great premiere though. LMFAO at Philip. He's the star of the show. The guy brings the crazy & he's just so ridiculous w/his antics, flubbery body & crimson undies.

There wasn't enough Brenda! She looked so amazing when she got off the plane. I love her so much & hope she goes far this season!

I love Dawn too :) HATE Andrea & Corrine. Enjoyed Cochran (hilarious) & Erik. Brandon wasn't as annoying as I was expecting.

Pretty ok Fans bunch. Shamar left a bad taste in my mouth with his attitude when they first arrived at camp but that was awesome when he helped start the fire. Eddie is a total toolbag. Michael is cool. Matt is disturbing to look at but he's cool too. No real opinion on any of the girls yet except I liked Sherri a lot.
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