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just joey

Feb 14 2013, 12:22 AM
They will have a fight when he finds out she pushed Steffy down while preggers. I love it, the spoiled brat will get hers. I can hear it now when Steffy stops that Pushy "wedding" and blurts out she's pregnant, Hope with jump up with the "she's lying , I pushed her down the other day and she didn't say anything" LOL Can't wait, and Bill will say that she broke his windows out and Liam will see the liying violent prone twit for what she is. I hope Steffy dumps him then.
Love your post VANI. That would make this soap worth watching. Although I do hope that Steffy reminds Liam from time to time, that she is not closed to the idea of Marriage, of course only when he's ready!!! :shrug: Give me a friggin break!!!! That's pretty fkd up. He needs to commit or get back on his horse & ride off into the sunset alone :wave:
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