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Team Steam. Liam keeps saying he's not like Ridge, and big Stephanie said that Liam was like Eric, always so mesmerized by the Logan girls, yet always returns to her in the end. I think time will tell, the writers have made Steffy his wife for a reason. Everyone says that Steffy kept Lope apart, but after Hope broke it off, Liam put the ring on Steffys finger and she said yes, Hope was the interloper in Aspen trying to break them up. She is under the impression that Steffy is not as good as her [how arrogant]. Hope cannot fathom that Liam married Steffy, because he loves her and she is REALLY better for him, she is not a drama princess like Hope. Hope still hasn't told him about pushing Steffy, and breaking in his Dads, or that his Bill and Brook kissed, and yet she's the one who always talking about honesty. I wonder when will Hope find out about the annulment papers Liam tore up?
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