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great lists. Great picks for all that vored. And the reason why so many people still love the super couples more than the new couples... They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

you don't get that much complexity, emotion and depth in characters now, as we did back then.

Scenes that were more than 1 minute long!

characters were well rounded full characters with their own quirks, idiocyncracies and style. No cookie cutter cut outs off the assembly line.

They let the characters grow and change not run around the hamster wheel for years on end.

They had stories, they actually went out and did things and went places, and things happened to them.

They didn't just hang out at the nurses station all day everyday every week.

They didn't just sit around drinking coffee and talking everyday.

The couples had their love stories going on but at the same time each partner in the pair also had their own set of issues and relationships with other people that they dealt with and had stories with.

And the super couples would have stories that mixed in together and weaved in and out of eachothers stories.
One group would have part A of a story, then the second couple would have part b of the story, couple 3 would have part three and then all the couples , and all of Salem really, would all come together for the final part of the story with all their peices coming together for the big story climax.

anyway that's just some of the reasons I love the supercouple era. :)

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