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Feb 14 2013, 10:42 PM
What is the difference between pimping and promoting?
pimping involves constant pro tweets/retweets, in addition to consistent "highlights", "full episode" blurbs, and tumblr GIFs. - both to the point that people are calling @nbcdays out on it.
promoting involves inclusion in things such as the "is ___ your valentine" pics, tumblr GIFs, "highlights", "full episode" blurbs, and the like, but in a balanced manner when compared to others.
you could say that @nbcdays promotes Wabi, Dannifer, & Wilson, but pimps EJami and, to a much lesser extent, Bristen.

when it comes to actors, they promote their stories/pairings when they say they're enjoying it and may share the occasional picture (sometimes that consists of "i've been waiting months to post this" pics), but they pimp their stories/pairings when they're talking non-stop about them (and more so than they've talked about other recent stories/pairings) to the point where they're trying to convince people that their current story is the most amazing thing they've done in a long time, or that the current pairing they're involved in is the most magical, perfect pairing that ever was on Days and deserves to be together in bliss until the end of times.
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