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The Royal Dork

Feb 15 2013, 02:26 AM
I have no clue why they picked 3/4 of the "favorites" - they had so many interesting personalities to choose from (e.g. Tarzan, Colton, Troyzan, Abi).

I have a question about this season and its timing. It was filmed right after last season right? Meaning these people had no fucking clue who Malcolm was right (since his season hadn't even aired yet)? :lol:
I think they try and stay away from Survivors that have played within one or two past seasons so as to not burn them out, or in case they want to use them for an All-Stars 3.

And as I understand it... yeah... even the Favorites had no clue who Malcolm was, or how he plays the game when this season was filmed... which, I think, is a huge advantage for him.

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