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Viewing Single Post From: 40th Annual Pre-Nominations Ballot Revealed!
Oak Alley
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Feb 13 2013, 09:58 PM
Feb 13 2013, 05:08 PM
I literally almost fell outta my chair laughing at this clip...terrible acting..my god :puke:
You haven't seen nothin' yet. I'm really surprised Stafford didn't go with this.

I know this is digressing, but this scene is way too precious not to share! :D Start at 2:00 to see Stafford's magic and skip to 3:15 if you really want the abridged version.

Needless to say, Stafford's acting has regressed sharply since the 1990s. I want to know how she gets nominated.
That is just hilarious. I know it's a serious scene that she's miscarring, but MS just plays it WAY OTT. I couldn't feel sorry her.

Her hand gestures are just ridiculous
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