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Loved the whole possession SL on DAYS. Deidre rocked it!

Best triangle - Brooke/Ridge/Taylor was fantastic. Loved it back then

Steve & Clare fom BH 90210 was an odd couple, but it worked. They were both fun & serious

Stefano's amnesia was devilish wonderful due to Joe M!

When I first got into DAYS, Robert Kelker-Kelly played Bo. I thought he was the original Bo, so I was so disappointed to see another actor play Bo- until Bo read Hope's letter from the puzzle box, and Hope recited it verbatum. I saw chemistry I hadn't seen before & I LOVED it! Looking back it really is a shocking comeback, as I don't think that KA & RKK would've expressed those feelings from that scene. It's one of my favorite Bope moments! :wub:

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