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19 pre-nominee
Jacob Young, B&B
Rick proves he’s a real man by walking the Forrester runway in high heels.
Blake Berris, DAYS
Nick learns Gabi isn’t carrying his baby; suspects it’s Chad’s.
Scott Clifton, B&B
Liam defines what a real man is to his father, Bill.
Sean Kanan, B&B
Deacon tells Katie the truth about Bill’s plot to break up Hope and Liam’s Italian wedding.
Bryan Dattilo, DAYS
After the explosion, Lucas demands to know from Will if Sami is running off
with EJ on the lam.
Shawn Christian, DAYS
At the cabin, Daniel asks Jen to leave so he can recover from his hand surgery.
James Reynolds, DAYS
Lexie dies in Abe’s arms.
Greg Vaughan, DAYS
Eric confesses his horrifying past to Nicole.
Bradford Anderson, GH
Spinelli lectures Maxie about honesty and friendship; reveals he’s no longer her
friend after the truth about Matt is exposed.
Brandon Barash, GH
Johnny confronts Anthony about Claudia being his mother — and not his sister.
Sean Kanan, GH
In his prison cell, AJ blames Sonny for Jason’s death.
John J. York, GH
After having lost Robin and Maxie, Mac admits to Anna he doesn’t know who he
is without his girls; admits he’s still pissed at Felicia for abandoning their
Erik Valdez, GH
Trey says goodbye to his dead father, Scully.
Dominic Zamprogna, GH
Dante thanks Sonny for saving his life.
Robert Adamson, Y&R
Noah urges Adam to stay away from a mentally-unhinged Sharon.
Jeff Branson, Y&R
A drunk and desperate Ronan tries to seduce Phyllis, who declines. He blasts
her for still being in love with Nick.
Billy Miller, Y&R
Jack fires Billy for leaking information to Victoria and Victor.
Peter Porte, Y&R
Ricky recounts how abandoned he felt by Paul during his childhood.
Greg Rikaart, Y&R
Kevin flips out on Chelsea when Tag and Grab goes under.
While we're at it:

18 pre-nominee hopefuls
Katherine Kelly Lang, B&B
Brooke cradles a dying Stephanie in her last moments at Big Bear.
Kristolyn Lloyd, B&B
At the hospital, Dayzee begs Anthony not to press charges against Marcus for
texting and driving; watches in horror as Marcus is arrested.
Judi Evans, DAYS
In a confrontation with Kate and Sami, Adrienne defends her opinion that Will
is not good enough for her son, Sonny.
Lauren Koslow, DAYS
Kate toasts Ian as a “son of a bitch” after Madison is killed.
Suzanne Rogers, DAYS
Maggie confronts Victor about stealing her eggs, which resulted in Daniel’s
Ari Zucker, DAYS
In a moment alone in her hospital room, Nicole breaks down over losing yet
another baby.
Julie Marie Berman, GH
Lulu asks Luke why he’s an absent father; Lulu can’t figure out why she doesn’t
know who she is anymore despite the love from Dante.
Kassie DePaiva, GH
Blair tells Todd that Cole and Hope are dead.
Nancy Lee Grahn, GH
Alexis blasts Kristina for letting Molly get drunk while the reality-TV show crew
is taping.
Carolyn Hennesy, GH
Diane defends Todd to Spinelli.
Rebecca Herbst, GH
Liz and Jason remember Jake on top of a bridge.
Jen Lilley, GH
Maxie breaks down at Robin’s funeral.
Lisa LoCicero, GH
Olivia’s LSD trip at the Hospital.
Robin Mattson, GH
Heather blackmails Todd while she’s in prison.
Judith Chapman, Y&R
Gloria refuses to back up Tag and Grab for Kevin after Gloworm burns down.
Jessica Collins, Y&R
In a scene with her dying father, Avery realizes her Dad is a criminal.
Melissa Claire Egan, Y&R
Chelsea freaks out on Adam when she learns Sharon is living on their property.
Liz Hendrickson, Y&R
Chloe reassures Kevin that not all is lost after Tucker buys Tag and Grab for
absolutely nothing.

13 pre-nominee hopefuls
Don Diamont, B&B
Bill screams at Liam after his son, who dyed his hair, misses his wedding to
Hope for a night out on the town with Steffy.
John McCook, B&B
Eric urges Stephanie to see treatment for her terminal cancer but she refuses.
Ronn Moss, B&B
With the aid of flashbacks, Ridge recalls his love story with Caroline to Caroline2.0.
Galen Gering, DAYS
Rafe defends kissing Carrie; lashes out at Sami for having grief sex with EJ.
Joe Mascolo, DAYS
During their “last supper,” Stefano kicks Kate out after learning she slept with
Ian and spits on her.
Maurice Benard, GH
Sonny points a gun at Johnny for “shooting” Dante.
Roger Howarth, GH
Tood learns Blair is marrying Tomas.
Jason Thompson, GH
Ghost Robin helps a bereft Patrick, who sheds a magnificent single tear, get
ready for Robin’s funeral by tying his tie.
Doug Davidson, Y&R
After shooting his son, Ricky, Paul hands over his gun to Ronan.
Christian LeBlanc, Y&R
In a conversation with Avery, Michael worries that Lauren is losing it when it
comes to Daisy.
Michael Muhney, Y&R
A very pissed off and frustrated Adam maintains that he’s not obsessed with
Sharon to his nagging wife, Chelsea.
Stephen Nichols, Y&R
A drunk Tucker is taken home by Harmony after his marriage to Ashley falls
Peter Bergman, Y&R
Dealing with chronic pain, Jack fires Billy for leaking information to Victoria
and Victor.
And finally:

13 pre-nominee hopefuls
Susan Flannery, B&B
Outside of her goodbye party, Stephanie comforts Brooke, who wants to spend
more time with the Forrester matriarch. Stephanie asks Brooke to lead the
Forrester family and maintain peace after she passes away in a bittersweet
Heather Tom, B&B
Katie announces to Bill and Brooke she’s leaving her marriage, new baby and
life — and that she regrets ever getting pregnant.
Deidre Hall, DAYS
Marlena and Will discuss his dating life at the Salem Pub.
Peggy McKay, DAYS
Caroline and Victor reflect on the past and present — and how much they have
Finola Hughes, GH
Patrick confesses to Anna that he cheated on Robin.
Kelly Monaco, GH
Jason hands Sam her dead baby.Kelly Sullivan, GH
Connie/Kate relives her rape in front of Ewen.
Laura Wright, GH
Carly lashes out at Sonny and blames him for Jason’s death. She later
apologizes and kisses Sonny.
Kassie DePaiva, ONE LIFE
Blair tells Todd she trusts him and suggests they reconcile before they make
Sharon Case, Y&R
Sharon learns she’s bipolar and debates taking medication from her therapist.
Jeanne Cooper, Y&R
Kay goes ballistic on Tucker for agreeing to marry Sharon on the day Victor is
Melody Thomas Scott, Y&R
An overwhelmed and emotional Nikki visits the Newman Ranch for the first
time since it was mysteriously engulfed in flames.
Michelle Stafford, Y&R
In front of a crowd at Crimson Lights, Phyllis freaks out on Christine after
learning The Bug is suing her.
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