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Mean, Mean, Mean!
Feb 15 2013, 12:22 AM
Oh good, you're on this topic, I wanted to comment the following, somewhere, but i didn't want to be too out of place...

On facebook the comments are positive about Danifer and Negative about Wilson... Something is very wrong in the world...

I think I prefer Alex North/Marlena over Danifer.

That reminds me, I had a random thought, I know you all will kill me for this but...

I think it would be hilarious if maybe for ONE day... They brought back Wayne Northrup... but as Chris Kurchic O_O ... And he interact with Roman :o ...
With Wilson they are always going to get hate because of the obvious. National polls on gay marriage pretty much tell you how against gays some people still are. But Wilson has lots of support also IMO, even if some people hate them for the obvious reason. The facebook page is pretty much the same people over and over complaining. I'm glad this show has decided not to feed into the hate toward Wilson.
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