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Steffy admits to Liam that she revealed her pregnancy in order to stop him from marrying Hope.
Bad timing
Despite Steffy's motives for revealing her pregnancy, Liam chooses her over Hope.
Will he stick to his decision? Once a waffler, always a waffler
Oliver attempts to cheer up a heartbroken Hope by confiding something he's kept from her for years.
Once again, Brooke imploded Lope relationship.
Meanwhile, Steffy presents Liam with an alternative way to raise their child.
No to marriage, yes to co-parenting
Taylor and Bill bond when he learns that he is going to be a grandfather.
Bill encourages Brooke to accept that Liam is committed to Steffy.
Brooke accuses Taylor of using Eric to her family's benefit.
STFU Brooke, as long as your family was winning it was okay.

Taylor responds to Brooke's disapproval of her relationship with Eric by declaring that their romance will happen whether or not anyone likes it.
Eric takes a significant step to move on with his life.
Both need to a hire a professional matchmaker.

Rick and Maya grow closer, much to Caroline's dismay.
I hope Thomas laughs in her face.

COMING: Brooke sees Taylor as a direct threat to her future.
:huh?: :what: :wtf: Brooke has no stock in FC ans she still thinks she owns FC.
Taylor need to tell Brooke the same line Bea told to Elle, B***, you don't have a future, LOL
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