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This week's Soap Opera Digest features an article on Daniel, Jennifer and Chloe.

Chloe intentionally gets herself thrown out of the Kiriakis mansion so that she can ask Daniel if she can live with him. Shawn Christian explains that "the mother of Daniel's son is going to have a roof over her head", and he lets her stay with him.

Jennifer learns of this and is upset. She confronts Daniel, but he tells her that he's staying in a hotel room out of respect for her. Then later, Jennifer tells Chloe that she knows why Chloe wants to stay with Daniel. Chloe taunts Jennifer and tells her that Daniel will soon choose to reconcile with her.

Jennifer then asks Daniel to break off all ties with Chloe. Daniel doesn't think he can do this as it would mean cutting ties with Parker. But Jennifer knows their relationship can't survive if Chloe is at all involved in it...

Pick up the latest Digest for details!

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