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And haven't they gone out of there way to show EJ's dark side is over with giving needy children some of Johnny and Sydney's Christmas presents and EJ not going after Rafe and Daniel for helping Nicole. Remember how impressed Sami was suppose to be about that? Well whatever.....I guess they have to sell whatever is going on screen now and hope the audience doesn't remember what we just saw a few months ago.
I don't see it as black and white as you describe. His dark side doesn't have to be "over". I think Sami knows he always has the capability to go there at any given moment. Her family is less than thrilled she is with EJ. Caroline was shown just yesterday to not trust him. Sami said to EJ, "you're up to something" and EJ's response is "always".

I don't think EJ has to be an all black or all white character. I do agree they have been lacking in giving us a consistent explanation for his motivation for trying to walk the straight and narrow a bit better, but the show is definitely reminding us that he's no angel.
I agree that it doesn't have to be black and white, but I do think it has been. I see some potential for that to change but so far I've seen no evidence that it actually will. I think ejami are basically safe right now, lol.
They are pretty much black and white....he's either acting like Everett (now) or he's the son of Stefano (telling Sami to tell Johnny she doesn't love him, Rafe2, Sydnapping, etc)....there is really very little that has been grey about these two....and I :rolleyes: every time I hear either saying that their kids have made them better people or whatever shit they spew....frankly if anything it proves having the kids have made them WORSE not better.
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