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Feb 15 2013, 09:18 AM
This week's Soap Opera Digest features a long article entitled "That Loving Feeling", which includes a story on Sonny and Will.

Sonny learns that Gabi is in the hospital. He goes there to support Will. Later, Cameron tells everyone that Gabi is going to be ok. Dehydration and stress caused her to go into labor, but the doctors were able to stop the labor. Sonny and Will, happy everything is ok with Gabi, reunite and realize how strong their feelings for each other are.

Later, Will is in the bathroom and Sonny notices a letter with his name sticking out of Will's backpack. Sonny reads the letter and realizes how Will feels about him. He realizes that Will almost gave up his child just for the sake of his relationship with Sonny. This puts an entirely new spin on the hurt and anger Sonny had been feeling.

Will comes back and sees Sonny, and they start to talk about things...

Pick up the latest Digest for details!
Didn't Will ALREADY tell Sonny why he was willing to give up the child and that it was all for HIM? Why is this news to Sonny? This show just goes around in circles and manufactures angst....they should have really had Brian sleep with Sonny, and start a relationship with him on the rebound, now that would be angst....Will could have acted out and started going all Lumi like and scheming to get what he wants....but nooooo they have to take the easy way out of this....

I am glad that Wilson are back together, and I've noticed that their chemistry is way more powerful now than it was months ago...that shower scene was HOT.
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