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Feb 15 2013, 09:25 AM
I wonder what Chloe does next that makes Daniel push for custody after he realizes how "right" Jen-Jen is? :puke:
Enter Nancy to help Chloe fight Daniel and the Hortons.
Wow, they're going to be a busy group, helping Nick get custody of Will's baby and Dannifer get custody of Chloe's. :flipoff:
Short of endangering Parker, there is nothing Chloe could do that would justify Daniel suing for custody. Jen-Jen is being selfish, stupid, and unrealistic--Daniel cutting ties with the mother of his child to placate his girlfriend of the moment is not going to fly. Although I'll bet he caves for now since Bitchifer has him totally p-whipped--and I'll bet that's what has Nancy charging back into town to support her daughter and keep Dannifer from getting custody of Parker and cutting Chloe out of the picture.

Thinking back, I realize that this is the first time Jen-Jen has ever dated someone with kids from a previous relationship. She's been pretty spoiled, actually. All the other men she's been seriously involved with--Frankie, Emilio, Jack, even Psycho Peter--made her the sole focus of their attention when they were pursuing her. She's never had to share them with an ex, or children by an ex. So she takes it for granted that she should always come first with her man of the moment, and turns into a demanding shrew when that doesn't happen. Even when her rival wasn't another woman but a thriving career, as with Jack--and I'll bet she now wishes her sole competition was a job, instead of a gorgeous ex-wife and a cute toddler! Welcome to reality, Bitchifer--you don't always get to be #1, though you sure are acting like a piece of #2!
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