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Feb 15 2013, 10:11 AM
The Room Stops
Feb 15 2013, 09:07 AM
By all means, Brady, move into the mansion where your mother was held hostage... with the woman who put her there. Gleefully put her there, I might add.
I know the writers haven't done a good job of showing this lately, Marlena has said Brady was her son several times, but Marlena isn't actually his mother, stepmother.

(You... look like a fan that probably KNOWS this, but I thought Id say it just in case.)
She raised him, fed him, loved him, took his crap and forgave him. He looked at her as his mother, so for all intent and purposes, she is his mother.

If SG hadn't left/Isabella hadn't died, then Marlena probably would've been more of a stepmother to Brady, sure, but she was there from the day he was born, she was asked by his mother to take care of him and his father... which she did to the fullest. She raised him, he lived with her on-off for years, even without John... He loved her as his mom, she loved him as her son, and that's what matters. Isabella didn't choose to die, nor did she leave willingly, but she did die. You get to have more than one sometimes, it doesn't lessen that Isabella gave birth to him. Brady's called her mom before, many times. For some reason, these writers don't know history, and they don't get the characters either.

John and Marlena only have on biological child, but going by who raised who, loved as a child, looked upon as their parents... I'd say they have three who consider them their real parents. Carrie, Brady and Belle. Sami and Eric were close with Roman, Carrie wasn't (after Roman died in 1984, she was not). Carrie respected Roman and Anna, and loved them, even when they left her (willingly and repeatedly), but the people she went to as parents for parental guidance and love... were John & Marlena. It's the same thing. They chose each other. When J&M talk about their children, they mean all of them. Carrie, Sami, Eric, Brady and Belle.

So biologically, no. Every other way, yes, she is. His biological mother isn't alive, there isn't someone to offend/push aside, and she did everything a mother would do in his life.
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