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Feb 15 2013, 09:39 AM
I might be the only person, but I don't want Will scheming like Sami and Lucas used to. At least not yet. He has a baby on the way and Lucas is being threatened by someone threatening to reveal that Will shot EJ. I don't think Will should be doing ANYTHING shady at this point. Sonny might be everything to Will, but he needs to put it into perspective. Plus they're writing it as Sonny being such a romantic, if he sleeps with Brian and is truly in love with Will it hurts the story a little bit, IMO. Maybe after Will has his baby and after Sonny and Will date for a while something can come between them and he can become the schemer, but not right now.
I love Will and don't want to see him be anything like Sami. None of her scheming got her anywhere in the long run. Lucas has done his fair share but I think he has more or less learned his lesson, so I hope that Will would take after his dad more. I think if he ever ends up scheming to get Sonny it would just ruin it for me. The only scheming I'm willing to see would have Sonny right there by his side. One thing I'm wondering about though.....is Will going to tell Sonny about shooting EJ? He has to, and soon..otherwise we'll be right back where we started. It's just another secret he would be keeping. I am glad they are finally getting back together though..hope it lasts a while.
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