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Feb 15 2013, 10:05 AM
Feb 14 2013, 01:19 PM
I don't understand the alienating her fan bases thing. If she's in a triangle then she might want to appeal to all of them. If they are just pushing forward with EJami then the other fanbases are pretty irrelevant at the moment. And if she gets back with Lucas she will be talking about her and BD. If she's with Rafe she will talk about her and GG. I have to assume that any person from those fan bases who just watches for Lumi or Safe is not currently going to watch the show anyway.
This is what I thought too. I remember plenty of Safe interviews in the past and I always thought Alit did a good job of promoting what was happening on the show at that moment. This is her job. I've always just assumed that she would back the couple they're paying her to back.
I find this interesting that I always seem to see this about Ali around FB and twitter. I am a new member here, do the other actors get accused of alientating fan bases as well. FOr instance, does Melissa get bashe by J&J fans for being behind the Danifer pairing? And if they were to pair Hope with someone new, do you think Bope fans would feel hurt if she promoted that couple?? Just curious. I get that Days has kind of created this mess by having this quadri-angle going on for some time with Sami's love life. 3 very passionate fanbases all needing one woman for their couple to succeed is a recipe for fan wars... :(
Um. Yeah. They get bashed big time for it.
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