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Yeah there's this blizzard coming, yet everyone is out driving in it, Nick and Sharon neither one call to see if Faith is okay, if Summer is somewhere safe, Lily and Cane don't call to see if the "perfect" twins are okay, all they all care about is getting themselves some lovin', instead of having a hot night on the town if a blizzard was coming I would want to be safe at home with my family knowing that they were safe and warm, instead let's all meet at the GCAC, even dumb Victor wants Nikki to meet him at the club instead of at home, and he'll blame Jack for Nikki coming to his house instead of the club. We had a blizzard back in 1978, I was called to work, they came and got me and brought me home, no one was allowed out on the streets unless it was a dire necessity.Yet these people drive all over town. Even poor Noah has to stay at the Underground in case some stupid person comes in and all Nick can do is worry about Avery. To hell with Faith, Summer even his mom and dad, let's get Avery home so we can screw.
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