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There's no way EJami is Safe right now. Sami's family couldn't have loved Rafe anymore and couldn't have been more thrilled she was with him. Quite the contrast from the reaction she's getting announcing she is with EJ....and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I definitely agree the writing has been more black and white. I just don't agree with talking in absolutes like, "EJ's dark side is over" because nobody knows that. Especially when you've got people like Caroline, Kayla and Marlena reminding us of it, not to mention the usual suspects like Rafe. I like that they keep that potential alive and depending on circumstance, I feel that he could go back there at any point in time if the situation arises.
Well I don't agree with your assessment of Sami's families feelings about Rafe (initially) but that's completely independent of what I'm talking about. Their families aren't particularly relevant to my opinion of how the characters are acting. Their scenes remind me of safe's scenes when they first got together in Salem.
Well some people have suggested that Rafe and EJ have bascially just switched places and I can see what they mean. And Marlena warning Sami about EJ's dark side showing up one day sounds like if that happens it won't be something Sami will be glad to see. But if she's so in love with his dark side then why warn her about it maybe returning? I
I think it depends on what is meant by "dark side." IMO, it's a matter of degree. I don't think Sami minds (and probably likes) that EJ is willing to do some illegal crap in relation to their business or to take care of their family. I think her fear of Stefano returning is him influencing EJ to do really bad stuff again - R2, Sydnapping, etc.
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