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The EJ/Sami scenes were annoying the hell out of me because Sami was just being way over the top clueless. But they became funny at the very end of the last scene. Her face was priceless. And EJ was like what the hell is wrong with this bitch?

Nick is being unlikable Nick today with his constant homophobic comments. I am loving Gabi's dialogue. I feel like she's saying everything a real person would say to his ridiculous comments. Is Gabi the first person in Salem to realize Nick and Will are part of the same family?

I'm still liking Rafe and Kate. They are having that conversation about the baby and EJ/Sami's influence on Will. They're on opposite sides really and they aren't ripping each other's heads off. Nice to see. I like how Kate said she trusts Rafe and Gabi, and Will, but not Nick. She has the Salem brain today thankfully.

Kate Mansi and whatever his name is look so pretty together. He needs to start acting though. Not good enough for Abigail yet.
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