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Feb 15 2013, 12:48 PM
They have completely destroyed Jennifer. The real Jennifer would never be this self-centered and give ultimatums that included dumping ones child. She is a loony, selfish Daniel obsessed shell of her former self. She doesn't care about her family, job or anything else, it's all Daniel, Daniel, DANIEL. Put this character out of her misery!
The sad thing is, back in the good old DAYS, Jennifer was never all about a man to the extent she is now. While she was eager for a boyfriend and has always enjoyed masculine attention a bit too much, she has never neglected the other aspects of her life--career, family, friends--to this degree before. One of the many things I loved about Jack was the way he encouraged her to be more than some man's "little woman." He saw the makings of a fine journalist in her, and once he knew she had that fire in her belly, he pushed her to succeed and excel. And he never expected her to become a tame little hausfrau even after she married him. He was the one who stayed at home with Abigail while Jennifer worked as a talk show host. Given how completely he changed her life, he deserves a better memorial from Jennifer than posthumous complaints about how "complicated" he was and how great it is to be with a guy who does Scooby-Doo imitations. :rolleyes:

Now, it's like Jennifer's forgotten everything EXCEPT how to be some man's girlfriend. It's all about defending Daniel, protecting Daniel, pleasing Daniel, placating Daniel, and now keeping Daniel--even if it means cutting out people whose claim on his time and affection is as good as hers, if not better. It's embarrassing and downright painful to watch. She should have gotten this obsessiveness out of her system when she was a real teenager, not a 40-something widow and mother of two behaving like one. I'm hoping that Daniel reverts to sleazy type and cheats on her, so Dannifer will finally crash and burn. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.
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