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I thought the premiere was good. The challenges were interesting for a change.

I want to see more of Laura/Sherri/Julia from this tribe. I think I can like Michael. Matt could get annoying. I felt like he was avoiding any strategy with Michael, which, I get, but at the same time, he could prove to be a problem. I could be wrong though. I don't like "the cool kids". Um, calling yourselves cool just makes it the total opposite, especially on Survivor. For "fans" they aren't being very smart about their alliance. I don't think they explained where Shamar fit in, though I kinda feel like he's on the outside.

Corinne ... thankfully she was tolerable due to no confessionals (almost a bit of bummer). Makes me wonder how much she really matters to this season. Same for Malcolm and Brenda. I'm hoping those two emerge later. Philip and Cochran dominating the airtime was no surprise. Unfortunately. I was entertained by them though, so I'll take it but PLEASE spread the love. Boy, Andrea, I give you credit for playing your heart out but playing both sides so obviously is DUMB. I kinda love the Erik/Brandon alliance. I'm shocked too. I actually think I can tolerate Brandon, even when he "goes crazy" next week. I'm kinda hoping Dawn/Cochran/Brenda/Erik/Malcolm/Brandon join forces.

Solid premiere but the confessionals were not good to the women at all and Cochran, Francesca, Philip ruled the roost.

As for Francesca ... I was kinda hoping to see her play but she trusted the wrong person (Andrea) again (last time Philip) and ended up getting the same treatment. I do think Dawn made the right call, Phillip will probably be easier to get rid of later.
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