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I'm going to guess that the article is slightly inaccurate. (I'm not doubting Ellie, just the article itself.)

For one thing, Will and Sonny already had the conversation about Will giving up the baby in order to be with Sonny. (And that's not an accurate assessment of Will's reasons for giving up the baby, so I'll never be willing to go along with that as the sole reason for Will's decision, because it wasn't. Will was willing to give the baby up because he wanted her to have the kind of stable life that he had never had as a child. Sonny was a secondary concern, and Will even admitted on more than one occasion that Sonny probably would have supported him if he had told Sonny the truth; Gabi and Nick were just always there to manipulate Will into continuing to keep the baby's paternity a secret every time that he was close to revealing everything to Sonny. I choose to believe that Will told Sonny that he was willing to give the baby up in order to be with Sonny because he didn't like what Sonny was saying about Gabi and Nick -- and desperately wants Sonny to be wrong about them, because he wants everything to work out. Will wanted to say something that would essentially shut down Sonny's concerns, and blaming it all on himself and his desire to be with Sonny -- despite how completely inaccurate that is -- was the only thing that he could think of in the moment that would accomplish that goal. Anything else would be a complete retcon, and I'd like to believe that the writers aren't trying to do that to their own material.)

For another thing, we already know what the Valentine's Day card says, unless they change it between now and then. (And they didn't change the card from Sonny that was attached to Will's Valentine's Day gift -- it said exactly what it was supposed to say based on the scene where Sonny ordered the gift -- so I doubt that they'll change this.) The card says, "Sonny, I'm not sure I'll find the words when I see you, and I want to make sure I get this right. I never thought I'd get another chance with the only guy that I have ever loved, so thank you for being patient and generous, and for loving me as much as I love you, and most of all, thank you for giving me a second chance. Love, Will." There's nothing in there about the baby.

It's more likely that, after reading the letter, Sonny flashes back to their earlier conversation about the baby, and the letter helps to put that conversation into perspective for Sonny.
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