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Feb 15 2013, 05:23 PM
Okay, I'm still confused over this Valentine's day card vs. letter thing. Which one is it? The thing Will wrote in his card was not all that in depth...and really I don't think it's anything that Sonny hasn't already heard. And I wouldn't consider that a "letter". I was thinking maybe there was a card and a letter...but now I'm not so sure. I think someone has just screwed up the wording on all these spoilers. But I still don't see how the card would suddenly change Sonny's mind or give him some insight in how deep Will's feelings run. It wasn't that detailed.
Prepare to be more confused -- the picture shows Sonny holding a green envelope (that's the appropriate size for a standard greeting card), but Will never placed the card in an envelope on Thursday's episode -- he just left it loose and stuck it in what appeared to be the front pocket of his backpack.

Regardless, I think that Sonny's probably just going to read what Will wrote in the Valentine's Day card, but if there's more to it than that, even better (as long as it doesn't portray events in a completely inaccurate manner, like that recent conversation about Will's reasons for giving up his child).

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