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That's not Steffy's way of thinking. She wants Hope's man and will use anything she can to get him - including her own baby. She is a selfish tramp who wants what she doesn't have. First Oliver, then Bill and then Liam.

Brooke held that honour in the past, but Steffy is now the walking mattress of B&B... Taylor is close behind her with regards to that title.
Steffy only slept with Rick, Marcus, and Liam, so that does not make her slut.
Double Standard, some women love the man whore from the three book series of Shades of Gray or Christian Troy from Nip/Tuck but shout condemnation toward Steffy character because she only been with a few men. :shrug:
Steffy chasing after Oliver, Bill AND Liam when they've been with other women makes her a slut IMO. Slut maybe isn't the right word according to a Webster's dictionary, so maybe tramp is? Whore? Skank? Nevertheless, she is most definitely a bitch. One guy, okay I'll give her a pass... but she's made a pattern out of this with all of the men I've mentioned. And let's not even talk about her mother Taylor, because she's been with half of Beverly Hills.
Oliver had sex with Brooke and destroyed his relationship with Hope.
Katie had a heartt attack and guilt tripped Bill in staying with her.
Bridget Forester interloped in Jackie/Owen marriage by becoming Owen baby mama.
Steffy didn't implode these relationships, period.
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