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Feb 14 2013, 05:14 PM
Feb 12 2013, 03:50 PM
If I had to pick right now the lead actors for the Emmy, I would pick Susan Flannery and Jason Thompson. Both, I thought were really good. I know that when I watched Jason on GH, there were times where I would tear up myself when he was mourning Robin. He was terrific. Susan was wonderful in those last episodes of B & B.

I would love to see Blake Berris for supporting. He's been really good on Days this go around. When people are complaining about what Nick is saying and doing then I think he's doing a good job at portraying this character.
I agree about Lead Actor. (I've never watched B&B, so I have no opinion on SF). I'm curious to see what scenes Jason Thompson submitted. I personally think his grief scenes before Robin's funeral were the best in daytime last year. The only issue is that the Emmys don't usually award more subtle acting.

I still can't watch that scene without tearing up--he was so good in his emotions, in acting, the whole package. I hope that the panel judging this catagory will see this.
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