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Harlee Kin
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It will be complete bullshit if Gabi or Will does any jail time. I do not want either of them serving time for mistakes of youth while Days shoves EJ and Sami down my throat (two people who have both attempted murder and committed kidnapping amongst other various crimes) as a love story.

I hope it is not either, I want the two of them to work out a custody agreement. Why should Will and Gabi go to jail? Send Sami! Have her wedding that she actually wants now to be interrupted with the truth about what she did to EJ THEN have John Black finally reveal that EJ shot him in the back and kidnapped Sydney and didn't do a day in prison while Nicole did. Haul their smug asses to jail instead saying Bon Voyage for an expensive European honeymoon. THAT would be justice.

Nick is a hateful character, I am growing weary of his homophobia and hope that he does not do something to hurt Will or Gabi. Life is too hard to see this kind of thing play out on a soap, realism is one thing but let's not overdo it.
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