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LOL -oh wow CB is an awful actress. And I can't even look at Sami anymore, I hate her so much - to the point that when I see AS on "The More You Know" NBC psa's, I have to look away. Must. Learn. To. Control. My. Crazy. And, ugh, another day (or heaven forbid WEEK!) of that ridiculous hair?! At least the lipstick isn't as bad.

Buuuuttt I must admit, the eye-roll was kind of funny - and that is only because CB's acting was so terrible, and by extension Gabi's little outburst so lame, that the snark was totally warranted. And that is maybe the last generous thing I will say about Sami for some time, as she continues in this baby storyline. Although I do enjoy her spats with Rafe in small doses. It's when they play out for entire episodes that I get bored.
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