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I think it depends on what is meant by "dark side." IMO, it's a matter of degree. I don't think Sami minds (and probably likes) that EJ is willing to do some illegal crap in relation to their business or to take care of their family. I think her fear of Stefano returning is him influencing EJ to do really bad stuff again - R2, Sydnapping, etc.
Stefano didn't influence Ej with the Sydnapping at all, he didn't know about it till a bit after he had done that....that was ALL EJ....and the Rafe2 bit, Ej could have taken himself out of the equation early on, but he chose not too because he specifically said that he wanted his children not to look up to Rafe as a person/father figure/man, whatever...he was just jealous of Johnny/Syd loving this man.....I specifically think that if anything it's proven that EJ can do very nefarious deeds without total influence from Stefano.
I know Stefano didn't tell EJ to take Syd. They were on the outs then because EJ found out that Steffy knew about the babyswitch. I'm saying what Sami's mindset/concern probably is about Stefano returning to EJ's life. And it makes sense she'd be worried since there's a correlation between Stefano's absense and EJ's better behavior. The two times that Stefano has been completely out of EJ's life (early to mid-2008, and mid to late 2012) is when EJ has done the least nefarious deeds. Sami is right to be worried that Stefano's presence in EJ's life could cause him to revert back to the really dark side, just like it did before in 2008.
Yes, but as you just said there are also times that Stefano has been on the outs with Ej and he's still done some pretty horrible things to Sami (i.e, the baby switch). Sami may believe that Ej being away from Stefano helps him be a 'better man', but frankly she's had enough proof that is particularly not the case always...even with Stefano gone and Ej promising Lexie that he would try to do better or whatever he said, he still went ahead and blackmailed Rafe to stay out of Sami's life...the writers are trying every possible avenue to sell this story but for me it'll never work because at the core, Sami should love Ej PERIOD.....she shouldn't say he's changed, she shouldn't see him as changed to fall for him, she shouldn't care about who his father is, she shouldn't give a shit about anything if she loves him....to me the fact that she still spews the 'he's change so much' line to Marlena tells me that at it's core the relationship will never work....fall in love with the person regardless of who their parent are, regardless of who the person is....she knew Kate tried to kill her, she knew that Lucas stood there and almost let her die, she didn't trust Lucas at first but she couldn't control her feelings for him for too long, she knew who he was and she didn't care, why should she care so much about Ej being a changed man? If at the core she loves him?
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