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This whole show is making me sick, I don't really want to watch, I have no couple to root for, except maybe Jack and (oh how I hate to say it) Phyllis, I'm a Jack fan have been ever since PB has played Jack although I loved Terry Lester just not the character of Jack as he was played back then, I was a Billy and Mac fan when it was David Tom and Ashley Bashioum then I became a Billy and Chloe fan still am, but they got his nose stuck in Vicki's ass and hers in Kevin's, so I know that isn't gonna happen, never a Shadam fan ew while I always liked SC when she was with JM, but since they have Sharon with Adam and she's turned into a "sick son of a bitch" (to quote a former co-worker of mine) and MAB did such a horrible turn on her and JG is extending it I can't stand the character any more, never an Adam fan, I've grown to like Chelsey but if I don't see her on screen I don't miss her, didn't miss Abby, Kyle is too oozey if there is such a word, hate Lane, can't stand Miss Perfect Lily or Cane since he's been on the show, have no use for Neil or Lesley or Taylor or Tyler whatever his name is, SB I still see him as Jason and can't stand him or Avery, since she became a perfect at everything she does, I do hope Dylan gives Nick a run for his money though, Nick needs to know that not everything centers around him, he ain't the answer to every maiden's prayer.
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