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Monday, February 18

Victor tosses Chloe out of the Kiriakis mansion.

Daniel lets Chloe and Parker move into his apartment.

Kristen has second thoughts about using Brady, but Stefano advises her to stick to her plan.

Rafe and Kate ask Nick to delay his wedding to Gabi, but he refuses.

When Nicole and Lucas get into a fight, Eric wonders if Nicole still has feelings for her ex.

Brady suggests he and Kristen move in together.

Nick is haunted by memories of his time in prison, while a former inmate counts the days until his release.

DVR Alert: Chloe eagerly tells Jennifer, she’s moved into Daniel’s place.

Tuesday, February 19

Unable to deal with her feelings for Eric, Nicole decides to leave town.

A heated confrontation with Marlena incites Kristen to continue her devious plot.

Marlena gets a disappointing call from John.

Jennifer lashes out at Daniel, after learning Chloe’s moved into his apartment.

Kristen accepts Brady’s invitation to live together.

DVR Alert: Eric finds himself in a life-threatening situation.

Wednesday, February 20

A junkie holds Eric at gunpoint, demanding money from the church safe.

Nicole blurts out she loves Eric, after he ends up seriously injured.

Julie gives Sami a stern warning about her behavior.

Rafe chews out Sami, when he catches her attacking Gabi.

Jennifer confronts Chloe about her ulterior motives regarding Daniel.

Daniel and Jennifer reconcile, but she has a request that leaves him speechless.

Abigail realizes Cameron has figured out her secret.

DVR Alert: Gabi cries out in pain, fearing there’s something wrong with her baby.

Thursday, February 21

Gabi is rushed to the hospital, and Nick, Rafe and Will all blame Sami.

Daniel reels, when Jennifer lays out her request that he cut off all direct ties to Chloe.

Chloe has words with Maggie and Abigail.

Abigail finally tells Cameron she’s a virgin.

Nicole is relieved when Eric regains consciousness.

DVR Alert: Sami sneaks into Gabi’s room just as she goes into premature labor.

Friday, February 22

EJ sticks up for Sami, who insists she was just trying to apologize to Gabi.

The doctors finally manage to stop Gabi’s labor.

An angry Nick corners Sami and unleashes his fury.

Will and Sonny grow close over the baby crisis.

Sonny makes a startling discovery regarding Will’s feelings for him.

DVR Alert: Kristen and Brady get into a major fight, when she insists they move into the DiMera mansion with Stefano.

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