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EJ might know what Gabi has done, but Sami does not. The viewers may have seen Gabi express that she wishes Nick was the father but Sami did not. So, there is no excuse for her behaviour towards Gabi.

Also Gabi only wished Nick was the father because of all the problems she is having now with Will being the father. Her brother was warning her about Sami and the possibility of her baby being taken away from her. If Nick was the father there wouldn't have been any problem and she would have been now married to Nick getting ready to raise their baby together.
Sami knows that Gabi has done something that could've landed her in prison if Rafe had not helped her. Sami knows that Gabi and Nick were planning on never telling anybody the baby was Will's. Sami knows that Gabi is influenced by Nick and she knows Nick is not above breaking the law. Put that all together and I think Sami has reasons for her suspicions of Gabi. Like I've said MULTIPLE times, I disagree with how Sami has treated Gabi, but I do think she has some valid reasons for her POV.
Sami is a straight up Bitch.She has done something which could land her in prison if Rafe had not helped her like shooting EJ in the head.Sami was not planning to tell EJ that Grace was his baby.Sami is clearly not above breaking the law given her kidnapping of Belle,blackmailing Kate,shooting EJ in the head,corporate espionage.If all she has done does not warrant a conclusion that she is an unfit mother or others are justified in yelling at her,she needs to shut up yelling to and about Gabi.
Sami's hyposcrisy has nothing to do with whether Gabi is trustworthy. Sami could spend her weekend pulling ears off puppies just for fun and her skepticism about Gabi's trustworthiness would still be warranted.
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