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Sami knows that Gabi has done something that could've landed her in prison if Rafe had not helped her. Sami knows that Gabi and Nick were planning on never telling anybody the baby was Will's. Sami knows that Gabi is influenced by Nick and she knows Nick is not above breaking the law. Put that all together and I think Sami has reasons for her suspicions of Gabi. Like I've said MULTIPLE times, I disagree with how Sami has treated Gabi, but I do think she has some valid reasons for her POV.

Okay, while I agree that there's obviously reasons for Sami to be suspicious of Gabi, I'll have to disagree with the things that were bolded.

Sami knows that Gabi, Nick, and WILL were going to keep the paternity a secret from everyone. She knows they all agreed to it, so why she acts like Will was totally blind-sighted and forced to go along with the decision is beyond me.

Gabi is obviously influenced by Nick, but no one is smart enough to see that. Nick is putting on his best poker face and hiding his obsessive need of Gabi and her baby from everyone in town. There's no way in hell Sami knows that about Nick. If she did she would be focusing her attention on him not Gabi or at the very least dividing her attention equally between the two.

Lastly, is anyone in Salem "above breaking the law" ? Hell, at one point they had little Ciara stealing wallets from people. Again, Sami is just throwing up Nick's past in prison and not focusing on what he's trying to do in the present.

There are valid reasons for Sami not to trust Gabi and Nick, but so far Sami has not found those valid reasons and instead is just kicking up dirt to mask her poor thought process behind treating Gabi so horribly.
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