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Feb 12 2013, 05:47 AM
Awwww so glad Sonny goes to comfort Will. I had a feeling it would go down like that and the baby that Nick wanted to tear Wilson apart actually brings them together. And it sounds like this is after he reads the letter from Will and realizes just how deep his feelings are for Sonny.

Are they really making Will this stupid, though? This is getting so annoying how naive Will is.

Hoping Sonny can now Get Will to see the light. I really hope Sonny tells Will about what Gabi did. So far, Will doesn't get just how vindictive Gabi is. I'm tired of these secrets between them. If they are going for a battle all secrets need to come out between Will and Sonny.
Gabi made mistakes in hiring Andrew and not reporting him to the police immediately on finding out he kidnapped Melanie and was holding her in the basement but I don't see any behavior by her as being vindictive.She was going to the police until Andrew played the tape incriminating her.She went into the tunnels to try to help Melanie escape.She was planning to turn herself in to police for her actions when Nick stopped her.She immediately told Will once she found out she was pregnant with his baby.
One of the reasons she considered abortion and subsequently agreed to let people believe Nick was the father was because she did not want to interfere with the relationship between Will and Sonny.She tried to form a truce with Sonny for Will's sake.She tried to make light of Sami's behavior when talking to Rafe because she did not want to cause a rift between him and Sami.I am curious to know why you (and perhaps others) see Gabi as vindictive.
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