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My reaction to current Y&R ...

Feb 16 2013, 02:17 PM
Feb 16 2013, 12:45 PM
Feb 16 2013, 09:06 AM
Feb 15 2013, 09:13 PM
Excuses galore for Steffy the whore. She knew that Bill/Katie were together and pursued him, even before Katie's heart attack. She knew that Oliver and Hope were together, and pursued him before he even slept with Brooke. She knew that Liam and Hope were together, and pursued him.

Add all of that with the fact that she is the villain in the triangle, and Hope is not. Liam loves Hope more and only gets with Steffy when lies/schemes are completed to keep him from her.

And Taylor is just low down trash.
Lope had their chances to be together because Steffy gave them plenty of time to be together.
Hope is all about weddings and not about relationship.
For the record, Bill decided to chase Steffy after Ridge fired her from FC.

Hope is like her mother treatment of Ridge, she only wants him when he has moved on with his life. Brooke finally got her destiny only to have her marriage implode due to her lies.

Steffy will never surpass Brooke in her relationships with men.
Steffy has NEVER given Lope space. With her cha cha cha's and her not wanting to annul the marriage a year ago, always around Liam every chance she got. Steffy will never be an innocent party unlike Hope who is a much better human being than that tramp.
Yes she did, when JMW was filming FD5, they had her character go to Aspen. When Brooke and Hope found out, they were jumping up and down. In Italy she tried to convince Liam to find Hope, things got heavy and she stopped the makeout session and went into the bathroom.
She stayed in the bathroom, overheard Lope conversation, waited, and slapped Bill for using her.
She walked around Italy and let Lope get married.
She was eating her lunch at Liam sought her out, she shook his hand and wished him well.
She pleaded with Brooke to let the video incident go, but Brooke wouldn't back down.
After Hope confronted her about the video, she told Hope to go home to Liam.
Hope refused to sign the marriage documents, told Liam to move on, and convinced everyone she made the right choice.
Lope marriage imploded due to her and her family actions(Brooke/Katie not smart enough to delete the video and keep their mouths shut, Hope demanding a redo wedding, and Rick lies).
The only way Lope can survive is through intensive counseling.
I have reasons that I could use for all of that listed. 1) she shouldn't have been in his hotel room in the first place, 2) everytime he approached her she should've fucked off.

The only way steam can survive is if Liam falls out of love with the woman he wants (Hope) and that isn't going to happen.
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