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My reaction to current Y&R ...

Feb 16 2013, 01:50 PM
Feb 16 2013, 12:41 PM
Feb 16 2013, 10:03 AM
At least all the men Taylor has been with, were single and available at the time, unlike Brooke, who chased a man who was married to her daughter and a very married Ridge, she also chased Nick while he was married to Taylor.
She's went after Ridge when he's been with Brooke... and she's hardly been single when she's been with other men. She is a slut who is also a terrible psychiatrist.
No Taylor became involved with Ridge after Caroline passed away.They married and Brooke started to interlope in their relationship.
Brooke always played second or third choice in her relationship with men.
Brooke mantra is I need a man to define my life because I don't want to feel lonely and plus the whole Logan family is nothing but drama queens.
You don't remember when Taylor and Ridge slept together when he was with Brooke? Yes even little miss innocent slut Taylor sleeps with taken men AND she had to use drugs to do it back in 2008 or 2009. And she has done family members too.

Unfortunately for Taylor, Ridge always loved Brooke more. She's lucky she got pregnant in 1998 to rope him back in. If only she had really died back in 2001... Taylor and her daughter the skank are hypocritical bitches who think they are better than everyone else.
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