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Horrid stuff. It's probably too soon for any rumored re-writes to be taking effect, so what were the writers thinking?

If the re-writes kick in, we may never know what they originally had in store for the Dannifer pairing. But it's really a head-scratcher to contemplate what they could possibly have had in mind to take this route. Could they really think that this was the way to make the audience root for Dannifer? At one point, when Anne was ranting and saying things some viewers have been saying for months, it occurred to me to wonder if the true purpose of the writers was to have the audience hate Dannifer/Jennifer. But that doesn't make sense, given the lengths they went to in order to put them together in the first place.

Now this. Everyone knows that one of the worst things someone can do in a relationship is issue ultimatums -- especially to a person with a child. So surely the writers know that they're showing Jennifer in an unfavorable light. But for what purpose?

Perhaps they think that the way to run a triangle story is to keep both sympathy and hate turned up on all sides so that no one has an edge and no one is ultimately rootable. Whether or not that's their goal, that is in fact the result of their efforts because none of these characters is either likeable or recognizable now.

I just wish I could figure out what they're doing. Not because I care about this storyline, but because, once upon a time, I really liked the character of Jennifer, and it's sad and bewildering to see her reduced to this pathetic version we're getting now. It would at least be nice to know that there was a reason for the destruction.

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